Organic Activity with Natural Garden with Beaumont’s student

Name : Dylan Larsen 

Community Activity at the Natural Garden with the Ruam Pattana Students

When asked about my experience at The Ruam Pattana School, my first response is “overwhelming”. Overwhelming in the sense that I have never seen so many smiles pointed my way at any given time. 

Overwhelming in the sense that the energy at the school is inspiring and recharging to one’s self. 

 I took part in the organic program at the Natural Garden with the students and the Sa and Nai, the two gardeners.

It was a delightful event which involved a lot of laughter combined with learning. I learnt how to cultivate seedlings and the process till harvesting.

We even harvested beetroots which we ate in our dinner later that night!

An experience that I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. I plan on returning continually to see the fruits of our labour and to invest more time into the school and the children who attend there.  

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