Natural Garden can organise CSR activity for someone who would like to have farm experience and have activity with Beaumont’s student at the same time.

Organic Farm with Beaumont’s students

Beaumont Ruam Pattana School, provides free education for underprivileged kids in the area. Students and parents can come to the greenhouse and learn about pesticide & Chemical-free vegetables. 

The activity will be with several ages of students start from the very beginning step of gardening until harvesting, According to the photo, K.Spencer and K.Fon from Nulty Lighting UK and together with K.Simon and K.Vanna joined the organic farm activity with the students. It was their first time farming experience and the feedback from them was very positive. If you would like to have fun activity like this feel free to contact us for more detail. 


K.Simon and K.Veena are the school’s house sponsorship since 2014. They used to live in UAE but now retired and back to Thailand a few years ago. This is their first trip to the school and joined the organic activities with the student.K.Simon couldn’t bend the keen down to join the seedling activity but he very happy to take the role of the observation team and hold the baby beetroot for the planting activity. K.Veena was every enjoy cheer up the students to put the seeds to the seedling tray one by one. 


K.Spencer and K.Fon from Nulty Lighting UK are the new generous supporter to the foundation. They did every part of organic activities. They were very enjoying and surprise with the process of the gardening such as putting the vegetable seeds one by one into the seedling tray. It took time a while to finish the 150 holes. Also, to make a hole in the greenhouse and method to plant the baby plant until the harvesting process.